Together for Life Association

In Hungary there are 126 abortions every day, most of them are requested for social reasons. According to statistics the highest risk groups of women are those who already have one or two children. The second group is the 18-25 years old women who study at higher education institutes. The national social network is very small and very bureaucratic. The government gives financial support to those who apply for an abortion, but hardly supports shelters for mothers or pro-life education.

About us

We are a nationwide group of trained pro-life volunteers who are committed to help pregnant women at risk for an abortion in order to give birth and bring up their babies. We stand by them in their search for a solution and help to uncover their true feelings. We are there to give spiritual support, and to offer practical help such as providing baby clothes, baby beds, prams, etc to lighten the financial difficulties; searching for shelter; or – if there is no other solution – adoption. Pregnant women can reach us via hotline or anonymous e-mail. The Together for Life Association is not just a public benefit organization but also a community. We build on the confidence of our clients who share with us their secrets, pains and difficulties.

Our mission

Our aim is to make women feel safe, to make them aware that they have a real pro-life choice, and to inform them about the available social services, aids and facilities.

Our goal

At present our existence is a sign in the society, a small ray of light showing a way out from crisis pregnancy. By Christmas 2010 we intend to set up a pregnancy center in Budapest where pregnant women and their families can meet us in person. This would give home to our accredited training that will help social and healthcare workers as well as teachers to know more about communication with women in pregnancy crisis and the practical side of open adoptions.

In this center we wish to work together with a pro-life association to educate teachers and healthcare workers about the alternative choices to avoid abortion and also natural family planning. Psychologists of this center would also counsel women suffering from Post-Abortion Syndrome.

We receive financial support through our bank account:
IBAN: HU44 1070 0718 4793 2007 5110 0005

For further information contact Edit Frivaldszky at or
+36 20 530 40 51.

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